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The tribal groups of India have always been a major attraction among the travel freaks, professional photographers and cultural aspirers. It allow them to go back to the old era and find out the old culture, traditions and lifestyle of the people in India who belongs to that ancient time. If the rural culture of India fascinates you like anything, then plan a tour to the Central India. The central India has vast area covered with virgin forests that are yet not explored. Walking on those unexplored trails and discovering some of the tribal regions as well as the best wildlife areas is no less than a heaven for you.

At IWS, we offer an enthralling 8 nights and 9 days Central India tribal and Wildlife Tour. Our tour will give you a chance to travel around tribal areas and allow you to closely watch the lifestyle of the tribal villagers of Central India. Further, to make your tour more interesting, we will also take you to Bandhavgarh National park for wildlife safaris and photography experience.


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