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Trip Itinerary

If world was a food platter, India would have been the spiciest dish on offer. This diverse country, has a tangy flavour that lasts in the memory for long. It is indeed true that exploring India in one go is an impossible task, however, there are few places that rightly reflect the country. With our Flavours of India Tour, we have meticulously designed an expedition for you to explore India at its best. The included destinations let you discover an India that is indeed historically rich but is also utterly modern as well. Join us for an exploring adventure through some of India’s famous tourist attractions that with their beauty and poise will make you fall in love with them. Our specially crafted 12 Days/13 Nights tour takes you to historically flamboyant destinations like Jaipur and Udaipur, where the Rajput architecture can win your heart and to Khajuraho and Agra, where a different level of passion towards architecture can be witnessed. Meet the two most modern Indian cities, namely Delhi and Mumbai, where you can see coexistence of urban and ancient world charm. Not only this, we will pick top activities from these tourist cities and add them to your itinerary so that none of the best experiences are missed by you. Be it a boat ride or a walk in the famed garden, be it shopping in a chaotic market or trying the best cuisine, we ensure that everything has its place in the itinerary and that you have everything you need to call this tour an unforgettable one.


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