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Forests have always fascinated some chosen people on earth. Their romance with Jungle knows no boundary of indulgence. The feeling of witnessing a Tiger is priceless. Camera, Light, zoom, and Shoot!!!! And what you carry back home is nothing but a slice of that forest.

Why India Wild Safaris?

Planning a Wildlife Tour is like amalgamating Wildlife enthusiast’s exclusive interest with the knowledge and insights of the Industry.

Yes! We are a team of passionate wildlife enthusiasts with several years of experience in tour operations with India’s most celebrated Wildlife Sanctuaries and National Park.

Customization is our forte’. We curate special itineraries to suit the interest of explorers – Wildlife Photographers, Feline and Canine lovers, Jungle explorers, bird lovers, and nature admirers.

Our proficient team can guide you on key facts like the best time of the year to visit destinations, curate packages on the lines of budget, lodging, and food preferences.

We are committed to delivering you an everlasting experience; tour after tour, destination after destination.
Find your dream tour today!

Our Popular Tour Packages

While our specialist travel consultants are expert in wildlife and culture tours and are able to advise you on the best time of year to visit each area, which national park and safari camps offer the best wildlife and lodging experiences, and the style of wildlife safari to suit your individual requirements.

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